Prince Edward Island (PEI) — Things to do


Perhaps the most enjoyable things to do after a day of Prince Edward island biking (or on an off day) are to walk along the beach, read a good book, or simply enjoy watching the sunset. But the Island has many other attractions too.

It has many golf courses, some ranked as among the best in Canada. The Charlottetown Festival runs all summer with plays and music. “Anne of Green Gables, the Musical” has played every summer since its debut in 1965.

PEI is known as the birthplace of Canada. Meetings in Charlottetown in 1864 directly led to the founding of Canada in 1867. PEI is also home to the Anne of Green Gables stories, first published in 1908 and still going strong after almost 100 years. The stories written by Lucy Maud Montgomery tell the story of a young Island girl at the beginning of the 20th century. The Anne of Green Gable sites (and the inspirations for the book) primarily at Cavendish on the North Shore attract many visitors. Anne has an especially large following and visitors from Japan.

The Prince Edward Island National Park stretches across the North Shore preserving the shoreline and its wildlife. It has great beaches and quiet shoreline roads that are perfect for cycling. The Greenwich section of the park, near St. Peter’s Bay has unique protected sand dunes.

For more information you may wish to visit the  Official PEI “Visitor’s Guide” web site, for more information on planning a great Prince Edward Island tour.