Independent Tourist has customized our PEI #21 Confederation Trail Tour with a day in the Cavendish Green Gable area. Some cyclist like to avoid the roads at all cost, but would like to take in the great views along the coast. We have developed an extra day, or two, with a shuttle to the Cavendish area on a morning at the mid-way point along our standard PEI #21 Tour. The shuttle will have you along the coast at approx. 10:00am that morning and pick you back up at approx. 7:00-7:30 that evening. Or a time TBD. Great area not to be missed, with some great dinning, and if you would like, lodging for an extra day stay. If you are shy about the roads, and want to take in the Cavendish Green Gable area, ask about this option while inquiring of this tour.