Independent Tourist runs Self-Guided Cycling Vacations


Prince Edward Island Group Tour

A guided 6 night/6 cycling day tour is in development for our location on Prince Edward Island. Please re-visit occasionally as details will be announced shortly. On that note, we have established a start date of Aug. 22. 2020.

 Mickelson Trail

Independent Tourist is excited to introduce a new departure for the summer of 2020!!  Nestled in the heart of the Black Hills of South Dakota, one of the nation’s most scenic, historic and memorable cycling adventures awaits, the 109 mile Mickelson Trail.  This converted “Rail to Trail” once provided the booming “Wild West” mining community of Deadwood with a means to transport ore, supplies and people along its rugged path. As you cycle this well maintained, but challenging trail, you will discover unrivaled natural beauty, geologic wonders and an abundance of wildlife in combination with historic ghost towns, train trestles, bridges and tunnels, reminders of a bygone era.   
For 2020, we will offer a short, 4 day end to end tour on the Mickelson Trail or a longer, 6 day tour which includes 2 days of road cycling.   Both departures are considered solidly intermediate due to long continuous grades and higher elevations than most are used to. The 6 day tour requires fitness to handle the higher mileage and substantial elevation changes along with more advanced skills to safely navigate the many railroad crossings and the few cattle guards encountered on the final day. 


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Bob Grace regarding the PEI Group Tour and Betsy Silzer regarding the Mickelson Trail Tours and or