What’s included on the tour?

  • All accommodations
  •  Breakfast daily
  • Daily luggage transfer to your next night’s inn
  • Start most days of the week (there are some exceptions)
  • Shuttles, (added fee for rarely needed extra shuttles)
  • Route guides, maps, and recommendation
  • Some routes can be modified
  • Assistance in renting bicycles.
  • Breakdown service
  • 10% discount on your next Independent Tourist bike tour.
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What will the accommodations be like?

Most lodging is in bed and breakfast or small inns, with a mix of hotels. We have selected your lodging because of their comfortable rooms and gracious hosts. Rooms usually have a private bath, and the inn may have a common room or broad porch where you can make yourself at home. Many hosts will have a supply of books or games to borrow to make your stay enjoyable. Since they are experts on the area they will happily give you recommendations for restaurants or things to see and do. Some host will shuttle their guest to dining too.

Most of the inns have complimentary WIFI service.

In some cases, at a cyclist request, we will reserve lodging not on our list.

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How do I get ready for this cycling tour?

We have designed most tours to be moderate in length and difficulty. There is no need to sprint or set land speed records. Your cycling day is an integral part of the tour. Take your time and enjoy it.

We suggest that you ride a bicycle at home with some frequency before starting your cycling vacation. Generally, if you can ride 60% to 70% of the expected distance without a problem at home, you should be just fine on our tour. Walking and other general exercise is also suggested.

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What will my cycling day be like? Will I be able to do it?

Your cycling day is an integral part of the tour. Getting to your evening destination is at least half the fun. Most tours average 35 miles per day (60 km,) and you should plan on 4 to 6 hours depending on how many stops you make. You may want a leisurely lunch or like to stop at antique shops or take pictures along the way. We can often make a custom tour with shorter or longer daily distances if you like.

If you are uncertain about your ability for these tours please contact us with your concerns. We will be happy to advise you.

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What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal. On our website
“Reservation/Contact” tab select “Reservations” on the drop down menu and follow the directions to complete the form which will take you through to the end, the payment page.  We use Stripe as our credit card processor. If you have any problems or questions please contact us at
(309) 264-4514 or (866) 269-9913.

Personal checks drawn on US banks will also be accepted. Payments by check must be received at least 45 days before the beginning of your tour.

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I am not comfortable buying online. Can I still pay by credit card?

Yes, just call us with your credit card number (309) 264-4514 or toll free (866) 269-9913 (US or Canada). Please compete the reservation form on our website first and select the form that states you have a question before paying.

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Can I send a personal check?

Yes, if it is drawn on a US bank in US currency. Checks cannot be used for payment of tours that begin in less than 45 days before the tour. Please indicate on your reservation form and/or call Bob Grace at 309-264-4514 for any questions before hand.

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Can we share a room but have separate beds?

When staying at hotels, separate beds are usually no problem, though depending on availability, some hotels may have a king or queen room with a pullout sofa area. At most of our B&B’s, rollouts are used for separate bed requests and the number of rollouts per B&B is limited. In some cases, depending on the number of cyclist staying at the B&B, we may be able to provide a separate room at minimal or no added cost. We will work hard to accommodate your request with no additional cost and will keep you informed so there are no surprises.

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Can I use my skinny tire road bike on the trails?

We recommend more of a hybrid bike tire, but our road bike customers tell us they are happy with the hard packed surface of the trails. Usually a size 28C diameter road tire, or larger is best.

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Can I bring my own bicycle? How do I bring it on a plane?

Yes, you can bring your own or rent. Many people prefer the fit and feel of the bicycle they regularly ride. Plus, you will know for sure if it has all the right features.

Domestic US or Canadian flights and flights between the two countries will charge per bicycle each way. Some other international flights may count your bike as an extra bag or they may have extra charges for bikes. Check with your airline and with your favorite bike shop about flying or shipping.  Some customers have their bike shop package and ship to a bike shop near our bike tour where it is unpacked.

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