Are there hills on the trail?

The Katy is generally level for its 225 mile length. A few sections west of Boonville have slight gradual inclines. There are often hills when you go away from the trail or into some of the river towns along the way, but these are largely optional.

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What is the Katy Trail surface like? What kind of bike is recommended?

The trail is made of a fine crushed limestone. It packs into a fairly hard surface. Depending on weather, the hard surface can develop soft spots, washed out, or rough areas. We recommend a mountain bike or hybrid with medium to wide tires, but our skinny tire road bike friends generally say they have no problems.

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How is the weather along the trail? Is there a better time to tour?

Our standard tour season is from April 1 to October 31. Spring and fall are beautiful and the temperatures are more comfortable. The summer months can be very hot, but early morning cycling will help beat the heat.

Average Temperatures
Jefferson City, Missouri
Month FahrenheitHi/Low CelsiusHi/Low
April 66/43 19/6
May 75/53 24/12
June 84/62 29/17
July 89/66 32/19
August 87/64 31/18
September 79/55 26/13
October 68/44 20/7
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Will you provide or help rent a bicycle for the tour?

We can direct you in to a preferred bike rental shop. Rental costs are additional and can include a handlebar bag, helmet and additional pannier or trunk rack bag if you wish. If you own some of these, you may wish to bring them along with you. This is especially true for a helmet which may fit you better than the rented one. Some people along a favorite bike seat to be added to the rental bike.  Bike rental is generally about $30 per day.

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I have cycled across many river bridges. Is the bridge across the Missouri River at Jefferson City user friendly?

The bridge is now very BIKE SAFE and FRIENDLY.  In 2011 the northbound bridge span was expanded with the addition of a safe bike lane completely separated from vehicle traffic. Cycling across the river now takes minutes unless you stop at a viewing spot to take pictures.

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How is the cell phone service along the trail?

There is service along the trail with a few exception.  The signals are occasionally and briefly blocked by high cliffs. We recommend that you carry a cell phone on the trail.

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Day 3 of the End-to-End tour has 50 miles to cycle. Can this be shortened?

Yes, day 3 (50 miles) can be reduced to 37 miles. We can provide a shuttle service at the beginning or end of the day. We require at least a one day notice and there may be small additional charge. This will allow you to finish your day earlier and spend extra time at your evening destination. Our first recommendation is to chose the morning sag to reduce the cycling day by 13 miles.

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What is included in the PEI tours?

Your pre-paid price includes all accommodations, breakfast, maps, route guides, and luggage transfers.

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Where is Prince Edward Island?

It is in the gulf of the St. Lawrence River just 13 km (8 miles) or 22 km by ferry (14 miles) from the New Brunswick or Nova Scotia coasts. It is about 100 miles from Halifax, Nova Scotia; (970 km (600 miles) from Montreal or Boston; and about 1290 km (800) miles from New York City.

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How do I get there?

There is at least one daily non-stop each from Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Detroit to Charlottetown, PEI.

Regular non-stop fllights to Halifax are available from Boston, Newark, Toronto, Montreal, Detroit and Ottawa. Air Canada serves European travelers with a direct flight to Halifax from London. It makes one stop in St. John’s Newfoundland.

If you are driving. PEI is only 10-minutes from New Brunswick by crossing the 13 km (8-mile) Confederation Bridge. It is about a 3 1/2-hour drive from Halifax airport. During the summer a 22 km (14-mile) ferry crossing is maintained from Nova Scotia to Wood Islands, PEI.

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