Can I use my skinny tire road bike on the trails?

We recommend more of a hybrid bike tire, but our road bike customers tell us they are happy with the hard packed surface of the trails. Usually a size 28C diameter road tire, or larger is best.

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Can you help if we have a flat or mechanical problems?

Some basic bike mechanical knowledge can make your tour easier. A small tool kit and flat repair items (including a spare tube and small tire pump) are essential on any bike trip. Flat tires are the number one mechanical problem. If you don’t know to fix them we recommend:

  • Ask the mechanic at your favorite bike shop to demonstrate.  They are usually happy to show you.
  • Look for a YouTube video on the web.  Search for “bicycle flat tire repair”.  You will find many 5 to 10 minute videos to choose from.

If you encounter bad weather or a mechanical breakdown that you can’t fix, we will arrange for help or a pickup. The availability of help and timing will depend on where you are along the route, so we cannot guarantee an immediate response. This service is included in the tour but at times (rarely) there may be an extra cost.

We will also supply you with phone numbers and addresses of bike shops along your route as well as for your next lodging. They may be the best resources for mechanical problems.

Finally, you should carry a cell phone on your tour so you can contact us for help (309) 264-4514 or (866) 269-9913

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Can I bring my own bicycle? How do I bring it on a plane?

Yes, you can bring your own or rent. Many people prefer the fit and feel of the bicycle they regularly ride. Plus, you will know for sure if it has all the right features.

Domestic US or Canadian flights and flights between the two countries will charge per bicycle each way. Some other international flights may count your bike as an extra bag or they may have extra charges for bikes. Check with your airline and with your favorite bike shop about flying or shipping.  Some customers have their bike shop package and ship to a bike shop near our bike tour where it is unpacked.

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Are children welcome on the tours?

Generally children over age 12 are welcomed at the inns. Our only requirement is that all of our cyclists, children included, be capable of riding the daily distance of the tour selected. If you are renting bikes, be sure to reserve well in advance. Most cycle shops keep fewer small bikes on hand.

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What is your cancellation policy?

Please see our Reservation and Cancellation Policy

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Can I start my tour any day of the week?

You can start MOST days of the week. Check the Tour Prices for highly recommended start days.

Our dates can be flexible to fit your schedule.  Usually you can start on 4 or 5 days during the week (pending availability). Our recommended start days of the week for each separate tour, are the best for logistics of dining options at each town, and lodging availability during the weekends.

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What is included in the Katy Trail tours?

Your pre-paid price includes all:

lodging accommodations, breakfast , maps, route guides, and luggage transfers and unscheduled pickup due to severe weather, mechanical or other problem.  See our website and your individual tour for specifics.

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My tour starts at Augusta or Rocheport, Missouri. How do I get there?

Augusta is 31 miles west of St. Charles on State Highway 94. Rocheport is 3 miles from I-70 exit #115 — about 117 miles west of St. Charles. Long term parking is available at either location. If you fly into the St Louis airport, we can arrange a shuttle at a minimal cost to Augusta. It is recommended to drive to Rocheport. Please call for any shuttle arrangements questions. Most all arrangements can be accommodated.

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My Katy Trail tour starts at St. Charles, Missouri. How can I get there?

St. Charles is on the western edge of the St. Louis metropolitan area and is easily accessible from I-70 and other major roads. It is a 15-20 minute drive west from Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. Shuttles and taxis are available to St. Charles from the airport. Long term parking is available at our shuttle pickup spot in St. Charles.  If you are flying to St. Louis and catching the shuttle to your starting point we may be able to arrange an airport pickup that will take you directly to bike rental and outfitting before going west to your starting point.  The additional cost will be about the same as an airport taxi, $30 – $40 each way.


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How does the tour work?

Our Katy cyclists all ride eastbound. Our standard tours (#10, #11, and #12) usually start at the eastern end of the trail at St. Charles. We will transport you west to your cycling start point. After an overnight there, you will begin the cycling tour riding east and eventually return to St. Charles where you started.

Cyclists starting in Rocheport (tours #13 and #14) will have a shuttle back to their car at Rocheport at the end of the tour.

Extended overnight parking is available in St. Charles, Augusta and Rocheport. You will be able to return directly to your car at the end of the tour (some alternatives end with a shuttle back to your car). If you rent bikes through our recommended bike shop, the rental shop will pick them up. No need to return bike rentals

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