Some basic bike mechanical knowledge can make your tour easier. A small tool kit and flat repair items (including a spare tube and small tire pump) are essential on any bike trip. Flat tires are the number one mechanical problem. If you don’t know to fix them we recommend:

  • Ask the mechanic at your favorite bike shop to demonstrate.  They are usually happy to show you.
  • Look for a YouTube video on the web.  Search for “bicycle flat tire repair”.  You will find many 5 to 10 minute videos to choose from.

If you encounter bad weather or a mechanical breakdown that you can’t fix, we will arrange for help or a pickup. The availability of help and timing will depend on where you are along the route, so we cannot guarantee an immediate response. This service is included in the tour but at times (rarely) there may be an extra cost.

We will also supply you with phone numbers and addresses of bike shops along your route as well as for your next lodging. They may be the best resources for mechanical problems.

Finally, you should carry a cell phone on your tour so you can contact us for help (309) 264-4514 or (866) 269-9913