Katy Trail Lodging and Milage Options

As our standard End to End Katy Trail Tour consist of daily milage of 39 – 50 – 37 – 46 – 37 and 27 miles, (inn to inn milage) we can adjust that to a daily milage of 39 – 36 – 33 – 37 – 40 – 39 – 27. This adjusted tour does add an extra night making it a 8 night/ 7 day ride (but keeps the price the same as our 7 nights/ 6 day ride (4 hotels/3 B&B’s) Ask about this option while inquiring of any customized End to End Katy Trail Tour.

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PEI Custom Confederation Trail Day

Independent Tourist has customized our PEI #21 Confederation Trail Tour with a day in the Cavendish Green Gable area. Some cyclist like to avoid the roads at all cost, but would like to take in the great views along the coast. We have developed an extra day, or two, with a shuttle to the Cavendish area on a morning at the mid-way point along our standard PEI #21 Tour. The shuttle will have you along the coast at approx. 10:00am that morning and pick you back up at approx. 7:00-7:30 that evening. Or a time TBD. Great area not to be missed, with some great dinning, and if you would like, lodging for an extra day stay. If you are shy about the roads, and want to take in the Cavendish Green Gable area, ask about this option while inquiring of this tour.

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Sept 8, 2018 Independent Group Tour

Independent Tourist has developed a 24 cyclist group tour on the Katy Trail, with a twist, cycling independently with the full support of a guided group tour.

The Independent Tourist Fully Supported Guided Group Tour of the Katy Trail begins with with a welcoming dinner in historic St Charles, home to the official starting point of the Lewis and Clark expedition, and shuttle to the west end of the Katy Trail in Clinton.

As you work your way across the former Missouri-Kansas rail line, you will be engulfed in history and stunning views, along with plenty of adventures.

The tour ends where you began in St Charles with a farewell dinner and social gathering. The camaraderie among cycling group participants will last a life time.

This tour includes: 7 breakfast, 4 lunch and 6 dinners. 7 nights lodging, all luggage transfers, shuttle from St Charles to Clinton/Sedalia, 2 sag stops each day, sweep mechanic, 3 lunch stops on the trail, emergency service, goody bag, etc.

Cursor to “Our Tours – 2018” on the toll bar and click “Other Tours” for a detailed itinerary.

Set the date, Sept 8th, 2018 – Sept 15th for your spot on this limited fully supported Katy Trail Tour.

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2018 Tours


Hello Cyclist

Our web site is updated for the 2018 cycling season and now accepting reservations for the 2018 Independent Tourist Bike Tours. As we look forward to our 15th year, we’re happy to answer any questions by email or phone, at info@independentourist.com or phone Bob Grace at 309-265-4514 or 1-866-269-9913 (toll free US or Canada) Browse our web site, and pick the tour for you. All Katy Trail and Wisconsin tours can be customized. Thank you for your interest, and have fun pedaling in 2018.

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This website is updated for 2016 bike tours. We are now taking reservations for 2016.


  1. Select preferred tour (ex. #10 End to End ) (#10Tours start 0n TH or FR)
  2. Find preferred day and date match (ex. TH June 2)
  3. Complete RESERVATION form and enter up to two or three preferred start dates

Thanks, Henry Curran – henry@www.independenttourist.com

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2016 Bike Tours

The website is being updated with 2016 tours.

Information will be posted by November 7, 2015.

Independent Tourist


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