Monthly Archives: May 2013

Bike Tour Best Start Dates

Q. We are often asked which dates are available to start my bike  tour.

A. The Independent Tourist does not hold a block of rooms for a few specific dates like some tours.  Instead we reserve your rooms at the time you reserve a tour.  This makes us very flexible in meeting our cycling customer’s needs.  When you reserve give 2 or 3 preferred dates – if you have flexibility.  We can almost always book your tour with the first or second choice – even if they are only a day or two apart.

A. Also, our website lists recommended days of the week to start.  After late September on the Katy Trail tours there are fewer available days of the week.  This is designed to miss some of the Octoberfest weekends where many inns are booked months in advance for that event.  If you would like to be in these towns (Hermann and Augusta) during the festival you should book with us for two consecutive nights in those towns and reserve 9 to 12 months ahead.

Henry Curran / Independent Tourist, LLC

Summer Bike Tours

Summer is on the way.  June is a busy cycling month but we have some openings on the Katy Trail for bike tours in late June and early July.  If you are interested please contact us soon.

– Henry Curran / Independent Tourist, LLC